Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Part 1 : Short Getaway to Singapore!

Hello hello! As I promised, I'm going to do a full blog for my latest trip to Singapore... How I get there, how much it cost, which place to go and so on! So, seat back and relax as we are going to have a loooong story to catch up.. hehe... I was planning to go to Singapore with my bestie December last year, and we estimated total budget around RM500 for the whole trip, 2 days backpackers style yaw.. 

We went there by bus from Klang Central to JB Larkin Central and it cost us RM 40.00 per pax. You can easily book your ticket through and made your payment via online. I'm glad everything is sooo much easier now, everything at your fingertips! Don't worry, this is trusted site and if you don't have credit card you can pay through cimbclicks or maybank2u..

So, we took Shira Bus Express at 12am and we thought that we are going to arrive at JB around 6am.. and guess what, we waited until 1.30 am then only the bus arrive at terminal. and the worst part, we have to wait again inside the bus from 1.30am to 3.00am coz the tire was flat! OMG I'm so tensed up..! Spoil betullah! We waited for their extra bus and started to journey... Half way at Ayer Keroh Melaka, the bus suddenly stopped at the road side... Ya Allah please not again...! Why this happen to me.... T_T and yaahh you're right, we have to change to another bus since the extra bus can send us to Melaka only... They never make any proper announcement and apologize to us.I'm so disapointed! :(  

Waiting at Klang Central.. Eii kalau aku beranak, anak aku dah darjah satu!

Selfie sambil menahan marah.. hahaha.. 

But anyway, we safely arrived at Larkin Central around 7.15am and yeah the real journey is begin! No need to mandi, gosok gigi or change clothes.. No time already! hahaha.. prepare mints, sweets or hacks inside your bag okay. LOL

Excuse the fatness and the muka tak mandi..  This is Larkin!! ! Hahahaha..

Then, we quickly bought next day return ticket from Larkin to Klang for RM38.00. eh murah pulak.... -__-" We decided to choose Star Mart Express and hopefully no more hop on hop off bus!! After that we exchange money at money changer located in the Larkin Central. Current currency is RM2.62 to 1 Singapore dollar.Then we proceed to the platform 12, SBS Bus number 170.  You no need go to the counter as the fare will be paid on the bus itself. 

From Larkin to Bugis Bus Station (the last bus station in Singapore) cost us around RM2.20. Gentle reminder, please keep your ticket and show to the bus captain later as we need to pass the immigration and customs twice, and catch up the same bus in order to enter the Singapore. Don't worry if you miss the bus, just wait for another bus roughly around 20 - 30 minutes and you are good to go as long you have the ticket and it's valid with any SBS Transit Bus number 170. :) 

Nak pergi mana? Cakap je last station. :)

The ticket. Kecik gilaa.. Kalau hilang kena bayar balik RM2.20.. So, simpan baik2 okay!

Haaa... don't forget to bring your passport! Takde benda ni tak boleh masuk leee.. : P

Ada orang ingat kitew naik kapal tewbang.. macam airport eh..hew hew hew...

One and half hour journey by bus, finally we arrived at the last station. I was so impressed with the environment in Singapore... I can say there's no rubbish! Seriously.. : O And yah, Singapore is a fine city.. So, everyone need to follow the rules. Smoking in public? $1000. Hamek kau. haha.. 

Tulisan zaman P.Ramlee.. Old School baq hang..  Haha

Apa maksud nya? Minyak nak habis kene saman? Errr... Tak Paham,

No durians! Ini lawak.. haha. -__-"

From the station, we walked to North Bridge Road near the Bugis Village and checked in at Cozy Backpackers Guesthouse. It took about 10 minutes walking distance but we took half an hour because we are lost. hahaha.. Actually to find Cozy Backpackers is quite easy, the landmarks are Bugis Village, infront of Malay Street, next to Bugis Cube and on top of Naj Restaurant Bugis. 

That's Bugis Village... Nampak tak? Tu dia nun jauh disana...

North Bridge Road Signage

Yeay dah sampai!! ^__^

We reserved the room via online and made the payment through credit card. The room cost us $55 or RM151 plus tax, RM 75.50 per pax. No credit card or paypal, try to call them early in the morning and they will arrange it for you. Payment will be made on the day you walk-in. We choose private-double room instead of dormitory because it's mixed dorm, female and male. Check-in and check-out time at 11am, If you arrive there early, you may place you luggage on the reservation area and take bath too! You can go anywhere you like and come back at night,take you room key and zzzzz.. 

Wow not bad.... 

This what we got..... Nice.............. -____-"

 Reservation area..

You can surf internet here! Aloohh handphone korang cencanggih guna jela wifi. : P

We arrived here around 11am, so we checked in into our room and have a quick freshen up. Toilet and bathroom located outside, and hot shower provided. No shampoo,no soap, no toothpaste okay. Don't forget to bring along with you! If you're hungry there's 7 eleven nearby or you can eat halal roti canai at Mamak downstairs. But I would suggest prepare some snack bar, maggie cup and biscuits when you're still in Malaysia. Foods over here double price from Malaysia and we are under the budget. You know what I mean. LOL

So there're three ways to go to USS. You can go there by cab, MRT or bus. Cab will charge you around $10, so we decided to take bus since the bus station  located on the doorstep and more cheaper.. : P We prefer to take bus rather than MRT because we can enjoy the view of Singapore.  We waited bus number 80 and I tell ya, Singapore's public transport is tip top. Always on the time! Fare from North Bridge to Harbour Front is $1.30. This bus will direct you to the last station and from there you need to travel up to Sentosa by monorail.

Sling bag is so much convenience whilst you are travelling..  

The bus routes and fares! 

Bus 80 to Harbour Front. :) 

 It's stated there $1.11 but I don't know why they charged us $1.30. -___-

Fuyoo double decker... Kene lah duduk kat atas fefeling tourist. Hehe.. Ohh driver bus tu cakap Melayu dengan we ols. Mai secawan.. tetibe..

Journey took about 45 minutes and we was fascinated with the building and their architectural. Modernist and well-maintained. Tourist mostly from Indonesia till the local people also thought us from Indonesia... haha. -__-" I'm Malaysian okay...  

So next, how do we get to monorail station and Sentosa Island? How much it cost? Places to be visited? Stay tune for Part 2! The excitement begin here!! Weeee... ^__^