Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sweet Memories of 2013

Happy Belated New Year everyone!! OMG I know, it is too late to wish you guys as it's almost February....but anyways better late than never, right? Huhu....How's your January treat you so far? Mine was totally havoc... and I can't believe that I have 11 months to go before my wedding day! Seriously you guys, I don't have any planning yet.. I don't know what theme to choose... what colour for my 'pelamin' and dresses... Huarghh... and I haven't lose my weight yet! That's the biggest problem..  -___- By the way, I'm here to share with you my sweet memories and part of my achievement on 2013. I'm so blessed that last year was amazing and I hope this year (2014 is year of the horse based on Chinese zodiac & I was born in horse year! Wohooo...) many more happy returns. :) 

So here you go, my sweet memories of 2013.. Enjoice! :)

 One of my best memories ever, I'm engaged to man that I love.. This moment is priceless... :')

I bought my own car with my own money..even though it's just a small car... but it's really meaningful to me..

I'm top 12 finalist Maybelline Malaysia Rocket Me to New York... and the best part, I'm the chubbiest among them..hahaha... curvy girl rocks!

Family Vacation. Oh my I really really miss this moment.. We have so so soooo much fun and bonding time together.. :')

Malaysian Youtubers & Blogger Meet Up! We met virtually through youtube & facebook for the past 1 year and  we became best friends instantly during the meet up like we known each other for years! Totally HAVOC! hahaha... I was the minah usual.hahaha..

I'm officially a GLAMpreneurs under Hanis Haizi 's wings.. My leader, Warni Harnidah is the best! I'm so blessed to be part of this business.. :)

2013 was really being nice to me.. Apart from my sweet memories, I'm so lucky to still alive..Alhamdulilah...and this is only the beginning... Hopefully 2014 even better.. Amin... :)

See you in my next post! 

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Sabrina Tajudin said...

aw.. I will you the best of everything! may success will come to you faster and all of your dreams will come true! lets be a business mogul together!