Friday, August 23, 2013

15 Random Facts About Me!!

1. My mama told me that my name was inspired by a type of flower called 'Erica'. But my parents decided to changed it to Erieqa because the spelling of Erica is too common . Yeah, I'm glad they made that decision because I would say that not many people own this unique spelling (sounds like I'm from Latin huh..? Hohoho..) and FYI, I hate when people spell my name wrongly like Erika or Eriqa (without E in the middle). Poyo kan? Hahaha.

This is my little me. : ) Image by Google. 

2. Normally I prefer people to call me Erieqa instead of Erine (except my family and good friends) because it sounds more commercial but when people call our telephone and looking for Erieqa, I get confuse between me and my sister's name, so I always need to ask " Erieqa Erine or Erieqa Elliana?"..Well, what to do, luckily I only have 1 sister... Just imagine if there are 5 Erieqassss in the house. :O

3. I used to hate cat so much!! I still remember when I was 11 years old, I accidentally spilled hot gravy on my body just because the cat want to manja manja on my feet. I cried and shouted like orang gila if I saw a cat came to me. But now? We have more than 20 cats in my mom's house and seriously I'm addicted to them. I can't imagine living without their purr and the smell of their poop. Lol, I'm joking.. Gila ke hape? haha.

4. I don't like pink colour (I love blue colour, btw) but somehow I have no idea why I'm so excited to choose pink colour as theme for my engagement ceremony. All in dress, flower, goodie bag, party tent, bed sheets and even my phone case!! Maybe it's the time to change... err.. i don't know...

5. I'm very the penakut person. I'm not even dare to watch any horror movie because it will haunting me for the rest of my life. Seriously. I always have the feeling that every time I wash my face (which obviously we need to close our eyes right? ) and when I open my eyes, a ghost will appears on the mirror mimicking what I am doing.. OMG. Scary....... sometimes when I'm too scared, I wash my face without closing my eyes and end up like a Dracula with two fire red eyeballs. -__-"

6. I'm a gamer for life..!! My fav one of course, The Sims. I can sit hours and hours without eating, drinking or bathing (err..) just to built the snow man, ohh no no I mean the house..hahaha.. Seriously it's so addicting. GTA, Counter Strike, Need for Speed you name it. During my time, there's no Wifi or home internet. So I always sneak out to Cyber Cafe and play like no tomorrow!! and yah, I'm the only girl. lulz. psst..don't tell my mother about this.. I'm gonna dieeee...hahahahaha

7. I have coulrophobia (fear of clown.. Ok don't laugh. I am serious.), masklophobia (fear of mascot, mickey mouse, urghhh!!!), Entomophobia ( fear of insect, to be exact only caterpillar) , Achluophobia ( fear of darkness, yes I really think that I've become blind), Thallassophobia ( fear of deep dark sea .I always think that there's a HUGE undiscovered creature lurking in the sea and going to drag me deep into the ocean..SCARY!!! but yeah I still enjoy swimming.)

Can u just imagine................. : / 

8. I have a 'sleeping partner' and it has been with me almost 23 years. We still going to sleep together even I will get married soon and no one can't tear us apart. Thanks for being there for Kak Erine through the years, badak. I love you so much. :')

9. When I am nervous, I feel something on my throat and it makes me choking and  I have to scream aloud or coughing like h*ll. and feel like want to poop pee also....

10. I have obsession with Kimora Lee Simmons and I bedazzled almost everything that I have just to imitate her! Oh yeah one more, I always have a dream to become American Next Top Model, so every time they make photoshoot or catwalk I will pretend that our hall is the runway and work it girl!! (must wear heels ok, baru feeling. haha. )

11. I never like any girlish things especially makeup till I'm 15 years old. I'll begging my mama to buy for me krek krek sandal shoe instead of girly cute shoes during Hari Raya. But people change right? Proud to say, I am now one of the Malaysian Beauty Guru in youtube.. Woohoo!

Yes, this sandal. Krek krek is the sounds of Velcro. Hahaha.

12. I love the smell of petrol or gas and I feel energetic when I'm fill up my tank in petrol station. Lol.

13. I am tea freak! I have huge collection of tea and flavours, and my favourite is English Breakfast, Green Tea and Vanilla Tea Flavour. I can't drink coffee, migrain. :(

14. I met my fiance,my future husband on Facebook... (top We studied in same polytechnic but different department and he was my super duper senior.. During our friendship we was fighting over which football team is the best! (he loves Man U and I'm Liverpool.Now have to follow him la. haha. ).. So, after one year of fighting (sounds so tragic, right.haha.), at last we get into relationship and after 4 years of dating, we finally engaged and I am currently waiting for my big day! Woohoo! This is what we call, cinta mukabuku. :)

15. My principle :  I always believe that everything happen for a reason and only God knows why. I believe in fate and always remember that life is not as what you expected. Just go on with it, tawakal, and if anything might happen to you in future either it's bad or good, don't ever lose your faith to the one and only of our creator. :)

See you in next post! Bubyeee...!

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