Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hello 2013!!

Hey Sunshines!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 to you!! I hope it's still not too late to wish you guys... -_____-" We meet again after a long time.. Ohh gosh I've been disappeared a whole year of 2012.. I wish I could update more often in 2013... As some of you know (maybe...hoho..) I have a beauty channel on Youtube..Erieqa Erine's Channel That's the reason I rarely update my blog (lame excuse).. Boooo...!! Speaking (i mean writing.. :P) of Youtube, did you know that Malaysia  just started the Youtube Partnership Programme??!! I'm super excited and good news they approved me as one of the youtube partner! Yahoo..!! BUT still further to go to become a FULL youtube partner as I need to have more subscribers and lot's of viewer for my videos.. :( There's a lot of benefit when u sign up for this partnership programme, but not forgotten the rules & regulation as well.. maybe I'll do a separate topic for that. :)

By the way, how's ur resolution for this year?? To be honest, I still didn't managed to accomplish my 'mission' in 2012... I have lots and lots things to be settle down.. :( Anyhow, think positive..! We have to keep moving forward and try to achieve your goals as possible!

Since I drag my old resolution & try to accomplish it by this year, I would like to add on some items or things into my bucket wishlist.. :) It's more to materialistic side tho.. Just consider it as my reward for all of my hard works.. :D I wish for this year I could get a nice....

1.) Mustard Colour Handbag
preferably design inspired by Celine

2.) Michael Kors Rose Gold Oversize Watch
( Actually I've purchased it last year on website, unfortunately I didn't receive till now. Luckily I paid using paypal, so I got my refund back..Will purchase it soon, hope it will not missing again as I want this so badly.)

3.) Ankle Booties
preferably design by Steve Madden

(I'm dying for this leopard print booties... rawr! )

(casual ankle boots.. Love it! )

4.) Colourful Blazer
preferably BF Blazer Design

I'm going to change my style from time to time since I'm now turning to 23 this year. :) My choices are more to casual but edgy.. I would love to add more pop of colours into my wardrobe. 

5.) SK II Set
I pledge to myself to take care of my skin routine from now onwards and for that I would love to have SKII as my pampering set. Wee... ^___^

5.) Instant Camera
(Yes, I do have DSLR and camcoder.. but I hope to own this baby too!! )

6.) Vacation!!
( I wish I could travel around the world!! Bora bora.. Woot woot )

This is my artwork when I was in polytechnic. Part of my wish list. :)
So, how about you?? :)

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