Friday, December 6, 2013

Mineral Coffee Review and Business Opportunity!

Ever heard of Mineral Coffee before? I tell you, this is the best coffee so far till our stockist ran out of stock! Just imagine, me myself bargain 20 cartons of mineral coffee...! Everyone was really into this Mineral Coffee lately and I almost lost in the battle, fighting over the limited stock of Mineral Coffee from a guy who bought 40 cartons Mineral Coffee.. Like seriously? :O.. But ya.. I won the battle. 1st come 1st serve. LOL

 I purchase another 8 cartons a week right after this batch.. Fast and Top Selling!! :) 

So how do it looks like?


Just for your info, I can't drink coffee at all because I had migraine BUT surprisingly I can drink this Mineral Coffee every single day without feeling any dizziness. From there I started to realize, this is really good! plus I love the aroma of Robusta Coffee bean which makes me feel awake and energize! and there's one special secret ingredient that been included in this Mineral Coffee to make it more and more healthier, that is BAMBOO SALT (Garam Buluh)!

What is Bamboo Salt (Garam Buluh)?

Bamboo salt  is a traditional Korean type of salt, which is prepared by inserting sea salt in a thick bamboo stub and baking them together with pine tree firewood over 9 times repeatedly. In this process different toxic characteristics disappear and salt gains medicinal value

Benefits of Bamboo Salt (Garam Buluh) ?

  • Removes toxins (such as heavy metals, chemical substances, germs, metabolic wastes, acid toxicity, free radicals).
  • Enhances intestinal peristalsis and eliminate sedimentary waste.
  • Provides minerals and trace elements.
  • Regulates biological mechanisms and body systems,
  • Regulates acid-base balance and restores body alkalinity.
  • Improves restorative capacity.
Benefits of Mineral Coffee! 
( yup..our mineral coffee added with Bamboo Salt!)
  • Keep you energize!
  • Rich with anti-oxidation and minerals elements.
  • Revitalises tired mind and body.
  • Eases tension.
  • High Detox
  • NO sugar added, NO Cholesterol and NO Preservative!
Credit picture to one of my mentor, Razali Zain. :)

So basically, bamboo salt helps to removes toxins (membuang toksin dalam badan),  rich with mineral, neutralize acid (nuetralkan acid didalam badan) and anti-oxidant! Even the Chinese people believe that bamboo salt can expand their lifespan! :) Frankly, I do not dare to drink plain water added with bamboo salt as it has a slightly muddy aroma, but now I can enjoy my coffee with the goodness of bamboo salt, best of both world!

Bamboo Salt is alkaline thus it's help to neutralize excessive acid in your body (sometimes we had extreme stomach ache, it is because of the acid! Scary.) Do you know that 'Air Zam Zam' in Mecca is high in alkaline PH +- 14? That's why we are encouraged to consume alkaline substances! 

Based on my experienced, I drank 1 cup in the morning and it lasts me until evening. I don't feel weak or hungry. ohh PLEASE don't drink during night time UNLESS you want to stay up! I bet, you won't sleep! My friends drink at 11 pm and till 5 am they still awake..." Kopi kau memang power la, Erieqa! ".. hehe.. I've told you! To University Students, if you need to stay up this is really good for u!


1. Is Mineral Coffee suitable for pregnant  or breastfeeding women?
Absolutely! Mineral Coffee helps to :-

a.)  Prevent of low HB reading, 
b.)  Stabilize the sugar in the blood to avoid the GDM / diabetes during pregnancy.
c.)  Energize the mother when she experiencing morning sickness, don't have appetite and
      frequent vomiting in early pregnancy.
d.) The mother not easily feel fatigued and tired during the pregnancy.
e.)  Reduce cramps and constipation.
f.)   Supply mineral,calcium and magnesium to the breastfeed baby.
g.)  Increase / thicken breast milk. (this is true story.. hoho.)

2. Is Mineral Coffee suitable for hypertension patients?

Yes, bamboo salt is low in sodium content, therefore it will not affect blood pressure and the richness of minerals can further improve health.

3. Is Mineral Coffee suitable for diabetic patients?
Yes,there's NO SUGAR added in Mineral Coffee, NO Cholesterol and NO Preservative plus LOW Caffeine.  

4.) How much it cost?
 RM 26.50 only per 1 box (20 sachets). Add RM 6 semanjung and RM 10 sabah / sarawak for postage. 

Whassap me 012 6928764 to order! 
Trial Pack Available with FREE POSTAGE :)


Since now I earned my bonus from selling this amazing Mineral Coffee, I would like to hire more AGENT and DISTRIBUTOR! University Student, Housewife, Teacher, Doctor and whoever you are! If you are interested, kindly drop me a message on my Facebook Erieqa Erine Rusli or just sms/whassap me at 012-6928 764





" If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door. Therefore, if there are opportunity come right in front of you, just go and grab it!"

SEE YOU AT THE TOP, Fellas! :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

15 Random Facts About Me!!

1. My mama told me that my name was inspired by a type of flower called 'Erica'. But my parents decided to changed it to Erieqa because the spelling of Erica is too common . Yeah, I'm glad they made that decision because I would say that not many people own this unique spelling (sounds like I'm from Latin huh..? Hohoho..) and FYI, I hate when people spell my name wrongly like Erika or Eriqa (without E in the middle). Poyo kan? Hahaha.

This is my little me. : ) Image by Google. 

2. Normally I prefer people to call me Erieqa instead of Erine (except my family and good friends) because it sounds more commercial but when people call our telephone and looking for Erieqa, I get confuse between me and my sister's name, so I always need to ask " Erieqa Erine or Erieqa Elliana?"..Well, what to do, luckily I only have 1 sister... Just imagine if there are 5 Erieqassss in the house. :O

3. I used to hate cat so much!! I still remember when I was 11 years old, I accidentally spilled hot gravy on my body just because the cat want to manja manja on my feet. I cried and shouted like orang gila if I saw a cat came to me. But now? We have more than 20 cats in my mom's house and seriously I'm addicted to them. I can't imagine living without their purr and the smell of their poop. Lol, I'm joking.. Gila ke hape? haha.

4. I don't like pink colour (I love blue colour, btw) but somehow I have no idea why I'm so excited to choose pink colour as theme for my engagement ceremony. All in dress, flower, goodie bag, party tent, bed sheets and even my phone case!! Maybe it's the time to change... err.. i don't know...

5. I'm very the penakut person. I'm not even dare to watch any horror movie because it will haunting me for the rest of my life. Seriously. I always have the feeling that every time I wash my face (which obviously we need to close our eyes right? ) and when I open my eyes, a ghost will appears on the mirror mimicking what I am doing.. OMG. Scary....... sometimes when I'm too scared, I wash my face without closing my eyes and end up like a Dracula with two fire red eyeballs. -__-"

6. I'm a gamer for life..!! My fav one of course, The Sims. I can sit hours and hours without eating, drinking or bathing (err..) just to built the snow man, ohh no no I mean the house..hahaha.. Seriously it's so addicting. GTA, Counter Strike, Need for Speed you name it. During my time, there's no Wifi or home internet. So I always sneak out to Cyber Cafe and play like no tomorrow!! and yah, I'm the only girl. lulz. psst..don't tell my mother about this.. I'm gonna dieeee...hahahahaha

7. I have coulrophobia (fear of clown.. Ok don't laugh. I am serious.), masklophobia (fear of mascot, mickey mouse, urghhh!!!), Entomophobia ( fear of insect, to be exact only caterpillar) , Achluophobia ( fear of darkness, yes I really think that I've become blind), Thallassophobia ( fear of deep dark sea .I always think that there's a HUGE undiscovered creature lurking in the sea and going to drag me deep into the ocean..SCARY!!! but yeah I still enjoy swimming.)

Can u just imagine................. : / 

8. I have a 'sleeping partner' and it has been with me almost 23 years. We still going to sleep together even I will get married soon and no one can't tear us apart. Thanks for being there for Kak Erine through the years, badak. I love you so much. :')

9. When I am nervous, I feel something on my throat and it makes me choking and  I have to scream aloud or coughing like h*ll. and feel like want to poop pee also....

10. I have obsession with Kimora Lee Simmons and I bedazzled almost everything that I have just to imitate her! Oh yeah one more, I always have a dream to become American Next Top Model, so every time they make photoshoot or catwalk I will pretend that our hall is the runway and work it girl!! (must wear heels ok, baru feeling. haha. )

11. I never like any girlish things especially makeup till I'm 15 years old. I'll begging my mama to buy for me krek krek sandal shoe instead of girly cute shoes during Hari Raya. But people change right? Proud to say, I am now one of the Malaysian Beauty Guru in youtube.. Woohoo!

Yes, this sandal. Krek krek is the sounds of Velcro. Hahaha.

12. I love the smell of petrol or gas and I feel energetic when I'm fill up my tank in petrol station. Lol.

13. I am tea freak! I have huge collection of tea and flavours, and my favourite is English Breakfast, Green Tea and Vanilla Tea Flavour. I can't drink coffee, migrain. :(

14. I met my fiance,my future husband on Facebook... (top We studied in same polytechnic but different department and he was my super duper senior.. During our friendship we was fighting over which football team is the best! (he loves Man U and I'm Liverpool.Now have to follow him la. haha. ).. So, after one year of fighting (sounds so tragic, right.haha.), at last we get into relationship and after 4 years of dating, we finally engaged and I am currently waiting for my big day! Woohoo! This is what we call, cinta mukabuku. :)

15. My principle :  I always believe that everything happen for a reason and only God knows why. I believe in fate and always remember that life is not as what you expected. Just go on with it, tawakal, and if anything might happen to you in future either it's bad or good, don't ever lose your faith to the one and only of our creator. :)

See you in next post! Bubyeee...!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Wonderbox December 2012 Christmas Edition

Hey creamy pumpkins!

Last month was really an awesome month for me.. December is the best month ever coz there's a lot of SALES going on and I had a chance to shopped like cray cray! I saved up 2 months before December , list down all things that I want.. and one of it is to subscribe to beauty box!! Woohoo! I have been hunting for beauty box in Malaysia and finally I found WONDERBOX MALAYSIA.  I really attracted to their box as their really put lot's of effort on selection of products based on previous months. So, why not I give a try since the box only for RM39.90! 

After few weeks later, I received a parcel from GDEX and tadaaa... it's my wonderbox!! It's true as what they said "Discover Your Beauty Secrets on Your Doorstep". I was super excited to open the wrapper but since my sister still in Penang I have to wait for her & unboxing together.. The moment we open the wrapper, we really amazed how beautiful it was.. :')

 The red & green ribbon symbolise the Xmas and I really love the details on the box... It's looks so expensive. :)

The cute star wand. Love love love it!

So, this are the list of products that included in this box.. Oh my gosh O.P.I nail lacquer!! (Drooling)

They also provide a welcoming card, vouchers & brochure. 

And here you go...the BOMBASTIC items...! Woot woot.. !! 

The first item that caught my attention is this Empro Brown & Black Mascara. It's in FULL SIZE and made from Korea... I thought the brown is for eyebrow & black is for mascara.. -_____-" But you can still apply it at your eyebrow though. :)

Retail Price : RM 58.80 ( 4ml x 2 )

The wand. 

Next, an eye bright cream from Clinelle.. It's in FULL SIZE too!! I really happy to see this in my box. For me, eye cream is must have for skin care lovers besides moisturiser & sunblock.  

Retail Price : RM 45.90 (15ml)

Purifying Toner from Clinelle. It's in sample size (15ml) & I will  definitely purchase in full size coz it's amazing!
Love the scent so much!!  

Retail Price : RM 33.90 (200ml)

Kerastase Bain Chroma Riche. Gosh, I had a hard time to read this brand.  :D I believe it is from Loreal. FYI, it's in sample size (30 ml)  as well. Haven't try this out but looking forward to see the result. Can't wait!!

Retail Price : RM 78.00 (250ml)

Same brand as above but this one is for hair masque. Kerastase Masque Chroma Riche (30ml). You have to apply it after shampoo & leave it for couple minutes then rinse it off..

Retail Price : RM 136.00 ( 200ml)

Last but not least, my favourite item of all! O.P.I Shatter Nail Lacquer.. It's the third FULL SIZE item in this box. I'm crazy over this brand beside China Glaze & Butter London. Oh Wonderbox, you guys really made my day! :) 

Retail Price : RM 59.00 ( 15ml)

So,that's a wrap for this December Chirstmas Edition. I'm super satisfied with this box & I love their prompt replies for each of my question. :P Yes, I do ask a lot. Hahaha. By the way, check out my Youtube Channel for my 1st unboxing video straring Wonderbox Malaysia!! See you soon!!

Hello 2013!!

Hey Sunshines!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 to you!! I hope it's still not too late to wish you guys... -_____-" We meet again after a long time.. Ohh gosh I've been disappeared a whole year of 2012.. I wish I could update more often in 2013... As some of you know (maybe...hoho..) I have a beauty channel on Youtube..Erieqa Erine's Channel That's the reason I rarely update my blog (lame excuse).. Boooo...!! Speaking (i mean writing.. :P) of Youtube, did you know that Malaysia  just started the Youtube Partnership Programme??!! I'm super excited and good news they approved me as one of the youtube partner! Yahoo..!! BUT still further to go to become a FULL youtube partner as I need to have more subscribers and lot's of viewer for my videos.. :( There's a lot of benefit when u sign up for this partnership programme, but not forgotten the rules & regulation as well.. maybe I'll do a separate topic for that. :)

By the way, how's ur resolution for this year?? To be honest, I still didn't managed to accomplish my 'mission' in 2012... I have lots and lots things to be settle down.. :( Anyhow, think positive..! We have to keep moving forward and try to achieve your goals as possible!

Since I drag my old resolution & try to accomplish it by this year, I would like to add on some items or things into my bucket wishlist.. :) It's more to materialistic side tho.. Just consider it as my reward for all of my hard works.. :D I wish for this year I could get a nice....

1.) Mustard Colour Handbag
preferably design inspired by Celine

2.) Michael Kors Rose Gold Oversize Watch
( Actually I've purchased it last year on website, unfortunately I didn't receive till now. Luckily I paid using paypal, so I got my refund back..Will purchase it soon, hope it will not missing again as I want this so badly.)

3.) Ankle Booties
preferably design by Steve Madden

(I'm dying for this leopard print booties... rawr! )

(casual ankle boots.. Love it! )

4.) Colourful Blazer
preferably BF Blazer Design

I'm going to change my style from time to time since I'm now turning to 23 this year. :) My choices are more to casual but edgy.. I would love to add more pop of colours into my wardrobe. 

5.) SK II Set
I pledge to myself to take care of my skin routine from now onwards and for that I would love to have SKII as my pampering set. Wee... ^___^

5.) Instant Camera
(Yes, I do have DSLR and camcoder.. but I hope to own this baby too!! )

6.) Vacation!!
( I wish I could travel around the world!! Bora bora.. Woot woot )

This is my artwork when I was in polytechnic. Part of my wish list. :)
So, how about you?? :)