Friday, March 4, 2011

Hello Peeps!

Hello Hello! How ya doing fellow? 1st of all, a big apologize coz i'm rarely updating my blog. Update blog is not mu daily routine anymore & I HAVE REASONS FOR THAT. :) i will keep posting if there something i wanna share with u peeps. Today blog i just wanna update my current status. Sekarang saya dah jadi pre-senior di PJB. tapi setakat jadi pre-senior yang junior tak kenal buat apa..hahha. -___- Sem 5 adalah bagi saya sem yang agak busy.. byk function & event kene kejar.. lagi-lagi sekarang short sem... we had to rushed in order to organize every events goes smoothly. Baru-baru ni saya ada masuk English Singing Competition which i get through final stage! till now we didn't now the winners coz closing ceremony was cancelled as we had a few problems. Ada ura-ura kata saya dapat no.1 hahaha.perasan ko nyah! masa audition saya nyanyi 'Because You Loved Me' by Celine Dion & for final I sang ' Hurt' by Christina Aguilera. Its kinda high note songs but I love to challenge my vocal to high range songs. Oh yeah! sebenarnya saya nak post blog ni because i wanna shows you guys my updated vlog on youtube. Im very into make up & fashion recently! Im a BIGSIZE girl & i wanna be a trendsetter for those in my size. It's not only you have to wear black to make you look slimmer. There's a ton of ways. Doakanlah saya dapat duit nak beli camcoder instead using my poor quality webcam. -___- so, i hope u guys enjoy this video! This is a Favourite Products of the Month.. :)

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