Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Keep Calm and Eat Like a Boss at Chillis!

When it comes to meat business, I'm the bause! and for that reason, I really take it serious and I don't mind to travel  just to search the best restaurant in town. I've tried few restaurants and one of my fav is Chillis! I love the environment, the service and of course the fooooood! Usually I order either Lamb Shoulder or Flame-Grilled Ribeye. I also love their Mushroom Jack and Buffalo Wings! For the drinks, normally I ordered their juices the best is mango, i hate their orange juice. too sour!! and you can ask for refill! :) Price? I always spend around RM100 and do bring extra money because you definitely going insane for their choices of menu! Visit for more info!

Juice Masam

Lamb Shoulder (opssss I've bite the garlic bread..)

Flame-Grilled Ribeye. (sauce melted butter, sprinkled rosemary n little bit of olive oil damn good!)

time bulan puasa ni sos cili pun nampak sedap (-___-")

Location : KLCC, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Mid Valley, One Utama, 
Empire Shopping Galery. 

Rating Food : **** / *****
Rating Service : **** / *****


Anonymous said...

peh sodap sodap! siot jew.. ko buka pose kew neh?? gagaga.. lapar ak tgk heh...!

erieqa erine said...

hahaha... jgn kata kau. aku pun lapa!

kobEj0rdan~ said...

chilis mmg terbaik:) makanan die xboley tahan:P

suffer8zine said...

pehhhhhhhhhhhhh, nk juga mehhhhh

erieqa erine said...

chilis sedap!! grr!