Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Birthday Boy!

A few days ago .. (actually a few months ago .. haha ..) is our baby boy's birthday, Darwish and guess what this 3 years old kid knows when is his birthday and keep reminding us.. "Kak eyine..kak eyine... chawish nak ben10 , nak LEGO Hakka! (Hakka = soldier)" ..LEGO? Walaweh.. where to korek duit...?? PTPTN sudah habis liau... Hahahahaha D That evening I quickly went to HOT MART (this is super budget shop where most of the items are below RM20 and of course made in! ) and granted this boy wishes. :) Although it's obviously cap ayam but the thoughts that counts,right? 

yeay2..kak erine balik !..I smell the present already! 


Oh yeah, baby... 

oh man. what is this. tulisan cina, tak paham!
mesti made in china ni. 

I have ben 10, and LEGO bomba-bomba.
Hakka pun ada!

GLB - Geng LEGO Bomba


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